Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lights and Birthday Cake

CJ: Is it ever dark in heaven? Are there windows in heaven? Are there storms? Is there birthday cake there?

Three year olds are magical. Magic is in everything we do each day. She asks us a million questions. I usually know the answer to half of her inquiries. Some I can find out the answers to for her and I learn a lot in those times. The times I learn the most are when I have to say, "I don't know." We speculate, we compare ideas, we grow together. This is the good stuff.

Our conversation above started with questions about the dark but ended with her mind at ease even with unanswered questions. This is what faith is about.

I told our sweet girl that she could ask us anything, anytime. I told her that she was my best friend. I told her goodnight 45 minutes later, but it was worth every second. I don't want to miss these precious memories because of a schedule or any impatience on my part.

Thank you, Lord, for talks about heaven, birthday cake, eternity, and light.

I hope you all have many magical days ahead of you.

Merry Christmas!